See you at PAX EAST!

We have great news everybody! In case you haven't heard, Warhammer: DOOMWHEEL was selected to be in the Indie Showcase at PAX East from April 5th to April 8th!

pax east long.png

We are super excited to make the trip to Boston next week and attend our very first PAX! We're even more excited for the chance to meet each and every one of you, so please don't be shy and come say "hi"! We're shy too but we really, genuinely, want to meet and talk to you!

We'll send updates from our 13hr road trip starting next Tuesday April 3rd! You can follow us along on Twitter.

So tell us, are you attending PAX East this year? What are you most looking forward to?



Hey Katsu fans, we've got big news! Today we are announcing our new project, DOOMWHEEL. Working with Games Workshop is a total blast and we can't wait to show you more. To start off, have a bite of this press release: DOOMWHEEL, a wickedly fast-paced infinite runner is currently in development by Katsu Entertainment, in collaboration with Games Workshop®. Doomwheel will be coming to mobile devices in 2017.

The Skaven underworld is a rat's nest of deceit, danger, and backstabbing. As an up-and-coming warlock enginseer of clan Skryre, your only goal is to rise through the ranks of the ratmen by building the ultimate engine of destruction: the fastest and most powerful Doomwheel ever made! Powered by scampering rats and hallucinogenic warpstone, the Doomwheel embodies the sheer inhuman ingenuity of the Skaven race: an enormous iron-reinforced wheel, outfitted with spikes, blades, and blasting powerful bolts of lethal warp lightning as it crushes all in its path: enemies, or the least fortunate of your allies.

Pilot your Doomwheel as it rattles through the battlefield at breakneck speeds in this fast-paced infinite arcade adventure. Dwarves got you down? Doomwheel. Rival clans done you wrong? Doomwheel. Goblin grief? Doomwheel. Shatter, skewer, shock and bounce foes of all shapes, sizes, and races as you claw out territory for yourself across the Old World. Develop a newer, deadlier, Doomwheel in your workshop while fending off the vengeful plots of your backstabbing rivals.

"No man-thing can think to surpass my genius, yes-yes!" said Ikit Claw, Clan Skyre Warlock Enginseer and talented inventor of the original Doomwheel. "Let them try!"

"Run, you fools!" said Imperial Wizard Thomas Steiner, immediately before disappearing beneath an active Doomwheel. Steiner was unavailable for further comment.

Doomwheel is coming to smash everything in its path on mobile devices in 2017. Because sometimes you just need to run things over: Doomwheel.

Bienvenue à Dijon Terre!


The final update for Sausage Bomber is coming soon on iOS, Android and Amazon! Get the game here today to be the first to play the new update! iOS / Apple TV / Android / Android TV / Amazon Underground

Participate in 32 brand new missions over the sunny desert of Dijon Terre. Unlock four new planes: the sturdy Avenger, the swift Falcon, the versatile Liberty and the massive Titan! Take the fight to the last invading nation and finally free your homeland of Fredonia!

Fredonia is counting on you! Join the resistance today!

Aloha from Ketchup Isles


The Ketchup Isles update for Sausage Bomber is LIVE on iOS, Android and Amazon! Get the game here! iOS / Apple TV / Android / Android TV / Amazon Underground

Participate in 32 brand new missions over the gorgeous sunsets of the Ketchup Isles. Witness the destructive power of the Super V2 Rocket! Unlock two new planes: the stealthy Zero and the stylish Hellcat!

Fredonia is counting on you! Join the resistance today!



Clothe yourself in glory! You asked for it, you've got it: authentic Sausage Bomber T-Shirts that you can put on your very own body! Show your support for the Sausage Bomber Corp by getting one of our new official Sausage Bomber shirts, available in a wide-selection of eye-pleasing colors. Tailored for men, women, and youth of all sizes to fit your special body type. Get both designs! Get all the colors!

Really, though, we're thrilled to offer these shirts through They fit great. The quality is super. They make you feel like you can save Fredonia all by yourself.

Get them from Amazon now! Sausage Bomber Logo T-Shirt Sausage Bomber Vintage Target T-Shirt

Willkommen zu Krautzbourg


The Krautsbourg update for Sausage Bomber is LIVE on iOS, Android and Amazon! Get the game here! iOS / Apple TV / Android / Android TV / Amazon Underground

Participate in 32 brand new missions over the embattled region of Krautsbourg. Unleash new sausages: the dynamic cocktail trio and the heavy chitterlings sausage! Unlock two new planes: the nimble Corsair and the massive Wolf!

Fredonia is counting on you! Join the resistance today!

Come to Krautsbourg


The Krautsbourg Ministry of Public Good Relations invites you to come for an extended holiday.Krautsbourg is a beautiful peaceful land where the sun shines 24 hours a day and happy people dance and praise the benevolence and honesty of our government leaders. Reports of Sausage Bombing activity by hateful Nation of Fredonia are complete fabrications by vile traitors to Krautsbourg people. Krautsbourg is friendly, nonagressive land offering security, comfort, and luxury to all. You are to bring all family members and any money, jewels, or other transferable value items. Passport is not necessary.

Sausage Bomber Gameplay Footage

One of the cool things about being a small indie developer is having lots of new experiences. Right now we're in the process of submitting Sausage Bomber to game festivals and showcases. It's still in what we'd consider a "pre-alpha" state, but we had a great response from the crowd at ECGC and are excited about sharing the game with everybody. As part of submissions we've cooked up some gameplay footage for you to of our goals is to design the levels so that they can be (with a bit of luck) completed using only one bomb. Much like rocking a rhyme, it's tricky! But this video is evidence that it can be done if you believe in yourself and never give up. Stay tuned for more!