Looking Back: Sausage Bomber

One of my favorite parts about making games is when you can take a step back and see the progress that's been made over the course of a project. Sausage Bomber isn't done yet but it's come a long way from the very first prototype. Check it out: The Sausage Bomber Prototype

The idea for Sausage Bomber came up at a dinner with friends. Later that night while sitting in front of the TV I cooked up a little app with found artwork. As you can see, back then you could drop as many sausages as you wanted. No enemies, no scenery, just a lot of sausages. But even that was fun and made us laugh so we knew we were on the right track. After several months of tweaking and figuring out gameplay, and with the help of some very skilled artists, we've got something that looks like this:

Sausage Bomber, January 2016

Looks like a game, right? We're still not done - new art is coming in - but it's quite a difference, huh? But still sausages and bombers, the chewy center of the game.

Hey, Katsu! you say, why don't you show us some images of the evolution of the Hello Kitty World of Friends game? Well, that's because we've teamed up with our friends at Assorted Nuts and Sanrio to make that game, and when we work with partners we only show the game in the best possible way, as a finished product. When we work with you to make a game, folks will only see the best of your game, too.

Hello, Hello Kitty!


Hey Katsu! Why have you been so quiet lately? What happened to Sausage Bomber? Are we still pals?Of course we are. We're besties for life. In fact, we're such good friends that for the past several months we've been working hard on a special new game just for you, and now we're excited to announce it.

Our latest project, Hello Kitty World of Friends is now available worldwide for Android and iOS mobile devices! It's a fun, casual, tap-based story adventure set in Hello Kitty's world and starring Hello Kitty and her Sanrio friends. One of the things we love best at Katsu is being able to work with fantastic partners, and teaming up with Assorted Nuts and Sanrio has been a treat. Check out the launch trailer and then go download the game from iTunes or Google Play.


And don't you fret about Sausage Bomber. It's still on the way.

Sausage Bomber Gameplay Footage

One of the cool things about being a small indie developer is having lots of new experiences. Right now we're in the process of submitting Sausage Bomber to game festivals and showcases. It's still in what we'd consider a "pre-alpha" state, but we had a great response from the crowd at ECGC and are excited about sharing the game with everybody. As part of submissions we've cooked up some gameplay footage for you to enjoy.one of our goals is to design the levels so that they can be (with a bit of luck) completed using only one bomb. Much like rocking a rhyme, it's tricky! But this video is evidence that it can be done if you believe in yourself and never give up. Stay tuned for more!


Day-1 for the East Coast Game Conference! We are excited to be hosting a booth on the expo floor. Come check us out if you're in the area and be one of the first to experience Sausage Bomber on the big screen. We have limited edition Sausage Bomber buttons to give away if you give us a Like on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

If you're looking for insights, we are giving a talk about taking Boulder Dash from retro to modern and will be participating in the panel about the little known world of legal stuff (I hear there is a real name for this but it is a little known world after all). But you already know all that because we already updated our ECGC post about it.

See you all there!


SI out

Oh, did you want one of these?


What are those? Are ... are they Sausage Bomber buttons? If I have one will I be part of the super-mega-elite Sausage Bomber Corps? Yes and yes.

We've cooked up a limited supply of these promo buttons that frankly I'd love to just keep for myself, but We'll be giving them out at our booth at the upcoming East Coast Game Conference. So not only do you get to actually play the game, you get to represent the SB by sporting one of these guys. If that isn't value for your convention dollar I don't know what is.

Here's the catch - to get a button you need to like Katsu on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. You're probably already doing that anyway.

Oh hang on, did we mention that we're making a game called Sausage Bomber and that we'll be showing it off at our booth at ECGC? This counts as an announcement, right?

ECGC 2015


The East Coast Game Conference is coming up soon, and we're getting ready to be there. We're excited to be showing some brand new stuff, never before seen by the public. Stop on by the booth and say hi and see what we've got. ECGC is happening April 7-9 at the Raleigh Convention Center.

Update: Stephane will be doing a presentation about Boulder Dash for the Design track on Wednesday afternoon at 3:15. Tony will appear on a panel about legal issues for game developers Wednesday evening at 5:45. Come check out our fantastic presentation skills!


All the Boulder Dash!


For anybody who may have felt a little left out by our last post, we thought it may be a good idea to post a list of all the excellent places you can find the no less excellent Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary game we developed for TapStar Interactive. Can't find your platform of choice in the list below? Let us know where else you'd like to see Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary and, who knows? :)

iTunes Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary FREE Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary PREMIUM

Google Play Store Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary FREE Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary PREMIUM

Amazon Store Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary FREE Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary PREMIUM

Windows Store Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary PREMIUM

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