The embattled nation of Fredonia must strike back at its invaders with a new top-secret weapon, born of desperation and hunger. Only one thing can put an end to this terrible war: Daylight Precision Sausage Bombing! Wipe areas clean of enemies by dropping an assortment of cured meats: slippery kielbasa, Vienna sausages, Scottish haggis, and more. Accomplish the mission by triggering a ridiculous physics-based chain reaction of explosions to throw scenery and enemy troops into each other.


Sausage Bomber is an example of what happens when the team at Katsu Entertainment is left unsupervised. The concept sprang forth amidst much laughter at a late-night dinner party, and has been in a slow-burn development for the better part of two years. The guiding philosophy behind Sausage Bomber is to make something that will get players to laugh every time they play the game. Sausage Bomber is also an exercise in reduction: the player's only input is a single tap to release the bomb. The joy comes from seeing the infinitely chaotic results that come from that simple action. After working together as game development professionals for nearly 15 years, Sausage Bomber is Katsu's first original, wholly-owned product, and something that the team is very happy to be able to share with the world.


  • One tap to drop a Sausage Bomb. Endless possibilities for mayhem.
  • 128 missions against the nations of Relishtonia, Krautsbourg, Ketchup Isles, and Dijon Terre, each a singular opportunity for glory.
  • Record and share replays of your finest moments with Everyplay support.
  • Behold the awesome might of the incomparable Atomic Sausage!


Katsu Entertainment

Based in Cary, North Carolina

Release date:

June 9, 2016


Apple App Store - iPhone, iPad, Apple TV
Google Play - Android phones, tablets, and Android TV
Amazon Underground - Android, Kindle Fire



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Selected Articles

  • "Yes, it’s just as silly as it sounds but it’s ridiculously charming at the same time." 
    - The Hashtagonist, SideQuesting
  • "Sausage Bomber is really enjoyable. It is uncomplicated, entertaining, and has an amusing theme." 
    - Sandy Stachowiak, AppAdvice
  • "Overall, Sausage Bomber in terms of gameplay, mechanics, and visuals is all really good and enjoyable... I’m hoping that the game will be updated with new levels soon enough, so I have an excuse to hop back onto the game." 
    - James Martin, GameGrin

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About Katsu Entertainment

Katsu Entertainment is an independent digital entertainment development shop based in Cary, North Carolina. Our core team consists of long-time games industry veterans who have been a part of big hits across multiple platforms, genres, and hardware generations. From AAA console games to top-10 grossing casual mobile titles, our team members have been there, producing games played by tens of millions of players worldwide.

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Game Credits


Stéphane Imbert

Anthony Marinello

Andy Van Wagoner

Tanith Conolly

Deborah Saez

Alyssa Menes

Gerd Ottehenning