Katsu Entertainment is an independent digital entertainment development shop.
Our core team consists of long-time games industry veterans who have been a part of big hits across multiple platforms, genres, and hardware generations. From AAA console games to top-10 grossing casual mobile titles, our team members have been there, producing games played by tens of millions of players worldwide.

Over the years we’ve worked with some of the biggest licenses in sportsmovies and comics, and toys and games.
Our group of top designers, artists, and engineers understand the importance of brands and are experts in creating game experiences that will connect with players.

We’d love to hear from you. If your company has a project you’re wanting to get done, whether it be a full app, a prototype, a new feature, or a port to a new platform, please contact us . Let’s talk about how we can help you with your next great project!


DOOMWHEEL is a wickedly fast-paced endless runner for mobile devices. Developed in collaboration with Games Workshop, Doomwheel lets you skewer, shock and bounce your foes as you claw out territory for yourself across the Warhammer World. Develop the deadliest Doomwheel in your workshop while fending off the vengeful plots of your backstabbing rivals.

paxeast 2018.png

Sausage Bomber

The embattled nation of Fredonia must strike back at its invaders with a new top-secret weapon. Only one thing can put an end to this terrible war: Sausage Bombing! Wipe areas clean of enemies by dropping slippery kielbasa, sausages, Scottish haggis, and more. Trigger a ridiculous physics-based chain reaction of explosions to throw scenery and enemy troops into each other.