Can I change my player name after the intro?

Yes, you can change your player name at any time from the options screen.

Will there be more races in the game?

That's the plan. Help us by spreading the word about the game. The more people buy the game, the easier it is for us to add additional content.

Can I play against another player?

Sure thing, you just need two games and two devices. Sit side-by-side and start the level at the same time. See who gets the longest distance, more kills or more warpstone. Kicking and screaming work but we don't recommend it (Skaven *do* recommend it though)

Oh, you meant online? Then no.

Unfortunately, no. Your game progress is local to the device you installed the game on. Make sure not to delete the game or you will lose your progress.

Can I transfer my game to another device?

You can use warpstone (and other currencies) to upgrade your wheel or buy additional regions on the world map. Also, to brag...

What is warpstone used for?