Sausage Bomber FAQ

Where can I get the game?

Can all missions be completed with a single sausage?

Yes, you can complete all missions in the game with a single sausage.

I finished the mission, why did I not get the gold medal?

To get the gold medal you'll need to beat the score for the level. The best way to do so is to clear the level in a single run (a "one-and-done").

Ok, I finished the mission with a "one-and-done" but still did not get the gold medal, what gives?

A one-and-done is the way to get the gold medal but you'll also need to collect points for style and destroying props. Keep playing the level and try to get a few extra points for the gold medal.

What is the atomic sausage?

A sausage of mass destruction, the atomic sausage will blow up all the enemies in a given mission. Use as a last resort for those tricky missions you can't complete!

What are the differences between the different planes?

Aside from looking different types of awesome, planes have slightly different speeds and animations. Also, the Fortress is HUGE!

Is there advertisement in the game?

You can watch a video ad from the results screen to double your star rewards. This is however entirely optional and you can play the entire game without ever seeing an ad.

I started watching a video but did not get my reward.

Make sure you watch the video all the way to the end to get your reward.

What data is the game collecting?

Make sure to check our privacy policy.