Hello, Hello Kitty!


Hey Katsu! Why have you been so quiet lately? What happened to Sausage Bomber? Are we still pals?Of course we are. We're besties for life. In fact, we're such good friends that for the past several months we've been working hard on a special new game just for you, and now we're excited to announce it.

Our latest project, Hello Kitty World of Friends is now available worldwide for Android and iOS mobile devices! It's a fun, casual, tap-based story adventure set in Hello Kitty's world and starring Hello Kitty and her Sanrio friends. One of the things we love best at Katsu is being able to work with fantastic partners, and teaming up with Assorted Nuts and Sanrio has been a treat. Check out the launch trailer and then go download the game from iTunes or Google Play.


And don't you fret about Sausage Bomber. It's still on the way.