Looking Back: Sausage Bomber

One of my favorite parts about making games is when you can take a step back and see the progress that's been made over the course of a project. Sausage Bomber isn't done yet but it's come a long way from the very first prototype. Check it out: The Sausage Bomber Prototype

The idea for Sausage Bomber came up at a dinner with friends. Later that night while sitting in front of the TV I cooked up a little app with found artwork. As you can see, back then you could drop as many sausages as you wanted. No enemies, no scenery, just a lot of sausages. But even that was fun and made us laugh so we knew we were on the right track. After several months of tweaking and figuring out gameplay, and with the help of some very skilled artists, we've got something that looks like this:

Sausage Bomber, January 2016

Looks like a game, right? We're still not done - new art is coming in - but it's quite a difference, huh? But still sausages and bombers, the chewy center of the game.

Hey, Katsu! you say, why don't you show us some images of the evolution of the Hello Kitty World of Friends game? Well, that's because we've teamed up with our friends at Assorted Nuts and Sanrio to make that game, and when we work with partners we only show the game in the best possible way, as a finished product. When we work with you to make a game, folks will only see the best of your game, too.