Oh, did you want one of these?


What are those? Are ... are they Sausage Bomber buttons? If I have one will I be part of the super-mega-elite Sausage Bomber Corps? Yes and yes.

We've cooked up a limited supply of these promo buttons that frankly I'd love to just keep for myself, but We'll be giving them out at our booth at the upcoming East Coast Game Conference. So not only do you get to actually play the game, you get to represent the SB by sporting one of these guys. If that isn't value for your convention dollar I don't know what is.

Here's the catch - to get a button you need to like Katsu on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. You're probably already doing that anyway.

Oh hang on, did we mention that we're making a game called Sausage Bomber and that we'll be showing it off at our booth at ECGC? This counts as an announcement, right?