See you at PAX EAST!

We have great news everybody! In case you haven't heard, Warhammer: DOOMWHEEL was selected to be in the Indie Showcase at PAX East from April 5th to April 8th!

pax east long.png

We are super excited to make the trip to Boston next week and attend our very first PAX! We're even more excited for the chance to meet each and every one of you, so please don't be shy and come say "hi"! We're shy too but we really, genuinely, want to meet and talk to you!

We'll send updates from our 13hr road trip starting next Tuesday April 3rd! You can follow us along on Twitter.

So tell us, are you attending PAX East this year? What are you most looking forward to?

Casual Connect USA 2018

Another year starts and the waltz of events and conferences begins anew.

We are extremely lucky to have Warhammer: DOOMWHEEL as a finalist for the IndiePrize at Casual Connect USA 2018, and as always, we're in good company.

We'll be heading out to sunny Anaheim California on Monday for 3 days of intensive game-showing and people-meeting and we're sure it will be a blast. We're really excited about some of the people we'll get to meet there, including some names and companies that we're big fans of.

We're carrying laptops with us though, so we won't be completely out of the loop while traveling and we'll continue working hard on the games you know and love during the trip.

If you're in the Anaheim area, come say "hi" and maybe join us for a rid to Los Angeles and the deliciousness that is Daikokuya Ramen.

The Unsung Code (ECGC 2017)

Hi everybody!

Last week was the East Coast Game Conference at the Raleigh Convention Center. Since we're in the area, this is always a great opportunity for us to meet the fans, showcase our newest games and get a little something back by sharing our experience during sessions at the event.

This year we gave two talks. The first one was called The Unsung Code and you can see the description below.

Rendering is AWESOME! Audio is AWESOME! Gameplay is AWESOME! So let’s talk about everything else instead. We’ll cover all the unsung code that players will never know is there but can make the difference between smooth sailing and development hell. How to tackle the glamour-less “must do” in a way that leaves room for all the fun fluff, or risk the wrath of the bitter hordes of “braindead code that should only have taken five minutes to write”!

You can download the slides here.

If you got a chance to attend the session, or didn't but wanted to go through the slides, let me know your thoughts in the comments! I'd love to hear about your own experience with game flows or with other types of unsung code you'd like to bring to light!

Get the Burn Cream Ready!


Given his incredible ability to injure himself with hot pokey things, something awesome must be in the works if Tony is picking up the soldering iron again. What's it going to be? Come see for yourself at next month's Playthrough Gaming Convention in Raleigh! We'll be back again to meet with gamers, play some Sausage Bomber and show off whatever this new mystery item is.If Tony can stay out of the emergency room.

The Return of Big Red at Playthrough


Let me tell you something. I, Anthony J Marinello, hate soldering electronics. I'm terrible at it. I manage to burn myself every single time. My solder joints are shameful. So why do I do it? Because this big red button brought so much joy to the Sausage Bomber players at the East Coast Game Conference last year. Who doesn't love mashing that big red button to drop a payload of meat down on the enemies of the small, peace-loving nation of Fredonia? And now, just in time for the Playthrough Gaming Convention this weekend, Big Red is back and sporting a new little thumbstick so players can navigate menus and check out all the great levels in Sausage Bomber. Come check it out and say hi to us this weekend at the Raleigh Convention Center - we'll be showing Sausage Bomber and Hello Kitty World of Friends, and maybe even giving a taste of some other fun projects we have up our sleeves.

And oh yeah, we've got another batch of the wildly popular Sausage Bomber pins to hand out. So really, you should come.

Oh, did you want one of these?


What are those? Are ... are they Sausage Bomber buttons? If I have one will I be part of the super-mega-elite Sausage Bomber Corps? Yes and yes.

We've cooked up a limited supply of these promo buttons that frankly I'd love to just keep for myself, but We'll be giving them out at our booth at the upcoming East Coast Game Conference. So not only do you get to actually play the game, you get to represent the SB by sporting one of these guys. If that isn't value for your convention dollar I don't know what is.

Here's the catch - to get a button you need to like Katsu on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. You're probably already doing that anyway.

Oh hang on, did we mention that we're making a game called Sausage Bomber and that we'll be showing it off at our booth at ECGC? This counts as an announcement, right?

ECGC 2015


The East Coast Game Conference is coming up soon, and we're getting ready to be there. We're excited to be showing some brand new stuff, never before seen by the public. Stop on by the booth and say hi and see what we've got. ECGC is happening April 7-9 at the Raleigh Convention Center.

Update: Stephane will be doing a presentation about Boulder Dash for the Design track on Wednesday afternoon at 3:15. Tony will appear on a panel about legal issues for game developers Wednesday evening at 5:45. Come check out our fantastic presentation skills!