The Return of Big Red at Playthrough


Let me tell you something. I, Anthony J Marinello, hate soldering electronics. I'm terrible at it. I manage to burn myself every single time. My solder joints are shameful. So why do I do it? Because this big red button brought so much joy to the Sausage Bomber players at the East Coast Game Conference last year. Who doesn't love mashing that big red button to drop a payload of meat down on the enemies of the small, peace-loving nation of Fredonia? And now, just in time for the Playthrough Gaming Convention this weekend, Big Red is back and sporting a new little thumbstick so players can navigate menus and check out all the great levels in Sausage Bomber. Come check it out and say hi to us this weekend at the Raleigh Convention Center - we'll be showing Sausage Bomber and Hello Kitty World of Friends, and maybe even giving a taste of some other fun projects we have up our sleeves.

And oh yeah, we've got another batch of the wildly popular Sausage Bomber pins to hand out. So really, you should come.